Short-term Disability Benefits                  

If you are temporarily or permanently unable to work as a Laborer, you may be eligible for a monetary benefit from the Insurance Fund. There is a one week waiting period if your disability is from a sickness. There is not a waiting period for disabilities caused by an accident. Weekly Benefit: $280 (net after standard FICA and Medicare withholdings) Maximum Benefit Period: 20 Weeks.

In addition to the weekly monetary benefit, you may also be entitled to Disability Credit Hours from both the Insurance and Pension Funds. Disability Credit Hours could help extend your insurance eligibility and give you a higher pension benefit. If your disability is work related, you will not be eligible for a monetary benefit, but may still be eligible for Disability Credit Hours. To be eligible for Pension Disability Credit Hours for work related disabilities, you will need to submit BWC paperwork showing the date of the injury, the company the claim was filed against, the type of BWC payments received, and the time period the BWC payments covered. This benefit is only payable to members eligible for Class 1 insurance benefits.

To apply for this benefit, please complete a Short Term Disability Form and submit it to the OLFBP Fund Office.