Pension Frequently Asked Questions

Following is a list of some of the most frequently asked questions regarding your pension benefits.  Please refer to the LDC&C Pension Fund Summary Plan Description (SPD) for a more detailed explanation of all of your pension benefits.  (Certain individuals may not be entitled to certain benefits described due to the number of credits earned or when last worked.)

  • How many pension credits do I have?

  • When should I apply for my pension benefit?

  • Can I meet with someone to discuss my pension?

  • How can I “cash out” my pension?

  • Can I retire before age 53?

  • How much is my pension worth?

  • Can I change the pension option I elected when I retired?

  • Will my spouse get my pension if I die before I retire?

  • Can I keep my insurance after I retire?

  • If I die, can my spouse continue his/her insurance coverage?

  • If I’m not married at the time of my death, what will my beneficiary receive?

  • Can I work and still draw my pension?

  • Who is my beneficiary?

  • Can I buy pension credits?

  • Where is my pension check?

  • How can I change my address?

  • How can I start direct deposit or change my direct deposit account information?

  • How can I change my federal or state tax withholdings?