Contractors Frequently Asked Questions

  • When are contribution reporting forms due?

  • What information is needed on the contribution reporting form?

  • What funds are due?

  • What happens to money I sent, but which is not due your office?

  • How do I report benefits for work performed outside of the jurisdiction of the Collective Bargaining Agreement?

  • Why do I have to pay on non-union employees?

  • Why is my company being audited?

Affordable Care Act (ACA) Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who are eligible individuals for medical coverage under the OLDC‐OCA Insurance Fund?

  • Is there a waiting period for this coverage?

  • What dependents are eligible for coverage?

  • Is the coverage provided by the OLDC‐OCA Insurance Fund affordable?

  • Does the OLDC‐OCA Insurance Fund offer coverage that meets the minimum value standard as provided for under the relevant minimum value regulations?

  • Is the OLDC‐OCA Insurance Fund a calendar year plan?

  • Who can employees eligible for coverage from the OLDC‐OCA Insurance Fund contact with questions about coverage?

  • Will the OLDC‐OCA Insurance Fund provide IRS Form 1095‐B to employees with eligibility under the Fund for the calendar year 2015?

  • Will the OLDC‐OCA Insurance Fund provide IRS Form 1095‐C to employees for which employers contributed to the Fund during calendar year 2015?

  • Form 1095‐C requires reporting of information that employers will need to receive from the OLDC‐OCA Insurance Fund, including coverage periods of the employee and names, Social Security Numbers, and periods of coverage for all dependents covered by the employee. How do we receive that information?