Basic Information

OLFBP or the Ohio Laborers’ Fringe Benefit Programs (commonly referred to as the Fund Office) is the administrative office for the following trust funds:

  • Ohio Laborers’ District Council – Ohio Contractors’ Association (OLDC-OCA) Insurance Fund – established in 1963 to provide medical benefits for eligible members who work for participating contractors

  • Laborers’ District Council & Contractors’ (LDC&C) Pension Fund of Ohio – established in 1967 to provide pension benefits to eligible members at retirement

OLFBP also acts as the accounting office for the following funds:

  • Ohio Laborers’ Training & Apprenticeship Trust Fund – established in 1968 to provide basic training in construction skills and continued education to eligible members and apprentices

  • OLDC-OCA Cooperation & Education Trust Fund (LECET) – established in 1965 to create a forum for industry promotion and improving communication and relations between representatives of labor and management


Contractors enter into collectively bargained agreements with Local Labor Unions.  Based on the terms of the agreements, the contractors are obligated to pay contributions to the Funds based the number of hours worked within the Union’s jurisdiction.  The contributions are remitted monthly to the OLFBP Fund Office and invested until needed to pay benefits to the members.

A “member” is a construction laborer employed by a participating contractor. Other members include employees of the Fund Office and Local Union Offices who have entered into Participation Agreements with the Funds.

The geographical jurisdiction includes the state of Ohio; Boone, Campbell, and Kenton counties in Kentucky; and Brooke and Hancock counties in West Virginia.

Fund Governance

Each of the four trust funds is governed by joint management – labor board of trustees.  Each board is comprised of four management representatives and four labor trustees.  The boards have a fiduciary responsibility for the governance of the trust funds.  All decisions affecting the trust funds (i.e. eligibility requirements, benefit levels, etc.) are made by the boards.  Often, the boards will use consultants and attorneys to assist in making those decisions.  Once the decisions are made, OLFBP has the responsibility to administer the decisions.

Fund Administration

OLFBP plays a number of roles in administration of the trust funds, including:

Contributions processing – contractor contributions are processed and credited to the members’ accounts.

Contractor audits – each contractor is audited on a routine basis to ensure compliance with the fringe benefit contributions rules and amounts.

Eligibility determination – OLFBP determines all eligibility for benefits.  This includes monitoring contributions and gathering necessary documentation such as enrollment cards, birth and marriage certificates, divorce decrees, etc.

Customer service – OLFBP answers members’ questions regarding eligibility, payment of claims, retirement, etc.

Pension processing – processing and paying monthly pensions upon the retirement of eligible members.

Vendor relations – OLFBP communicates to vendors the eligibility information and benefit structures established by the boards.  Vendors include Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield, EnvisionRx Options, and NVA.

Accounting – OLFBP pays all the bills of the funds and provides accounting services for compliance with federal guidelines.

Member education and communications – various publications (such as this website, newsletters, and brochures) are created and maintained by OLFBP.