Application Process

Applying for Your Pension Benefit

Once you decide you are ready to retire from the LDC&C Pension Fund of Ohio, you should contact the OLFBP Fund Office to arrange a retirement counseling session.  A representative from OLFBP will come to your Local Hall and meet with you (and your spouse if applicable).  At the counseling session the representative will explain the benefits available to you and assist you with the completion of the necessary paperwork.  

You should begin this application process approximately 90 days prior to the date you wish to retire; you do not have to wait until you are done working to apply.  If you do not wish to meet with a benefits counselor, simply complete a Pension Application and submit it to the OLFBP Fund Office with the following documentation.  (You can get an application at your Local, on-line at, by calling the Fund Office, or from your benefits counselor.)

  • Your Birth Certificate

  • Spouse’s Birth Certificate (if married)

  • Marriage Certificate (if married)

  • Divorce Decree or Spouse’s Death Certificate (for any/all past marriages, even if currently married)

  • Social Security estimate (if you are interested in Social Security leveling options)

Upon receipt of a completed application and the other necessary documents, you will receive “election forms” on which you elect the payment option you desire.  In addition to the election forms, you will receive a Direct Deposit Form, a State of Ohio Tax Withholding Form, and a W-4P (federal tax form).  After you complete the paperwork and return it to the Fund Office, the information will be reviewed, and if everything is completed properly, benefits will then commence.